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Real estate development is a complex, costly undertaking in New York State. The rules for development are different from municipality to municipality. The approval process often times involves multiple agency reviews at the federal, state and local level. Wetland regulations are more restrictive today than ever before, and New York’s environmental review process can be a mine field littered with traps and pitfalls that can significantly delay, or even worse, kill your project. Knowing the rules and maintaining relationships with the decision makers who interpret and enforce the rules is critical to the success of your project.

Masiello, Martucci and Associates (MMA) has the experience, expertise and relationships to successfully guide your real estate development project through the maze of federal, state and local approval process. MMA partner Victor Martucci has decades of real estate development experience with upstate New York’s largest residential builder and real estate developer. He has successfully managed projects in New York, Boston, Massachusetts and south Florida.

Here is a sample of real estate development services MMA can offer to your company:

  • Develop and monitor project budgets and pro formas.
  • Manage the approval process for your project.
  • Assemble and manage a team of consultants including engineers, attorneys, wetland consultants etc.
  • Consult and advise you on land or building acquisitions.
  • Perform market demand studies.
  • Consult and manage the land development process for your project.
  • Construction management services.

Whether your project involves developing a subdivision or converting as building into apartments or condominiums, MMA has the expertise, experience and contacts to make your project a success. Contact us today!