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Business Development

Introducing a new product or service into the marketplace is never easy. Like government, businesses are often organized in a way that insulates the key decision makers from direct outside contact. In addition, knowing who the right decision-maker is within a large organization can be a time consuming and daunting task.

That's where the partners of Masiello, Martucci and Associates (MMA) come in.

The partners of MMA have been involved in the political, business and social life of the Western New York community for more than 30 years. During their time in political and business leadership positions, Tony Masiello and Victor Matrucci have worked regularly with business, religious, not-for-profit and educational leaders in addressing community issues. These interactions forged both long term working and friendship relationships that exist to this day.

Our network of friends and associates can be invaluable to you and your business in getting in front of the right person within an organization to explain and demonstrate your product or service in a fraction of the time and effort (and frustration) it would take making "cold calls" into those departments and people. Let MMA assist your professional sales staff by opening doors to decision makers to sell your company’s products and services!

Let our network of relationships and friendships become your network and key to developing your business in the Western New York market.

Strategic Planning and Management Services

There's an seafaring adage that says, "A good captain would never enter a harbor without a navigational chart."

As a captain, not having a current "navigational chart" can result in a ship to running aground.

The same principle holds true for business organizations. Without a "chart" or business plan, your business can also "run aground," especially in today's rapidly changing environment.

MMA can help your organization draft, implement and monitor a strategic business plan that will keep your business or organization focused on its goals and aware of obstacles to those goals, before those obstacles become insurmountable and potentially fatal problems.

The partners of MMA have extensive experience in managing and leading large organizations. We can assist you in writing a plan, organizing the planning process for your management team and develop a tracking process to ensure that your goals and objectives are on target and the focus of your critical managers throughout the year.

Don't allow your business or organization to function on an "Ad Hoc" basis. Proper strategic planning is a key tool in good management and MMA can be your key to making the strategic planning process work for your organization.